For a brief moment as a little girl I wanted to be a mermaid. Well... not really. For one thing I can’t swim well and am afraid of the ocean. It’s power is overwhelming. However, attempting to capture its’ ever-changing beauty on canvas has always been a fascination of mine. Really.

I grew up in Morristown, New Jersey and l was lucky enough to have lived in a home with a creative thread running deeply through it. I assumed everyone did! Didn’t we all have a banjo leaning against a wall in the living room in case you wanted to learn how to play? It was a home filled with music, art and laughter.

Anyway, I say I am a self taught artist, but my studies started early and, I hope as long as I am here, will never end. I studied for many years with the late Milton Charles. Recently I have studied with artists I admire, Todd Bonita and Karen Blackwood, Lisa Falkenstern, Doris Ettlinger and countless others who have guided me along in my journey to simply “Paint what you see!”

My inspiration comes with all that we sometimes take for granted. A beautiful sunrise, dew on a leaf, light bouncing off the backs of sheep in a meadow are the type of moments that make me stop, look and try my best to... just paint what I see...

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Karen Romagna